Luvena Actibiotic® Products

All women can benefit from Luvena and its advanced formula. Carefully balanced with unique moisturizers that soothe, refresh and lubricate for several days. NO PARABENS and NO GLYCERIN.
NEW Luvena Daily Therapeutic Wash gently cleans, refreshes, eliminates odors and supports the skins natural balance with a formula containing natural enzymes for optimum skin care. • Silk amino acids, lanolin and vitamin E • Optimum pH for all skin types • Helps maintain freshness longer • Cleans and soothes skin irritations • Paraben Free • SLS Free
An anti-itch medicated wipe with natural bio-active enzyme protection. Relieves intense burning and itch fast. Unique soothing formulation also fights odor from returning. Soft flushable wipe. Easy to use resealable 25 ct package.
The first lubricant that is both paraben and glycerin free and containing enzymes naturally found in the vagina. Luvena Actibiotic® Lubricant utilizes a premium HydroLYTE moisture system for extended comfort. It gives a "Super" slippery feeling.